On June 1st, 2016, the funds raised here will be donated to each respective organization.

NOTICE: Due to recent developments, or lack thereof, in the PND community I am delaying the payout of PND4PND for one year. This charitable fund was set up to attempt a positive charitable action reflective of the spirit of Pandacoin and it's community, and while it may be possible to fulfill this goal in one year the current condition of PND does not lend itself to as valuable a contribution as compared to its potential. All of the original wallet addresses will remain posted for archival reasons, but new addresses have been created and funded with the respective balances of the archived and no longer valid addresses.

Too many coins as of late have concerned themselves with the short-term prospect of pump-and-dump schemes and have neglected to consider the long-term value that cryptocurrencies can have to effect change, progress, and prosperity in the real world.

Pandacoin (PND) is different. We have patience, integrity in development, and a strong commitment to fairness in the cryptocurrency community.

Distribute your donations however you wish, and please take the time to learn more about each organization and how you can help in other ways by visiting each organization's donation page.