How will the funds be donated?

We will work directly with each organization as the donation date approaches and the funds will be distributed in a manner that best accommodates them.

Who is maintaining the donation wallets?

The lead developer !amDOGE/5/M ( aka "Pandacoin-official" from bitcointalk ). Furthermore, the wallet addresses are publicly viewable on the blockchain. EDIT: As of June 1, 2015 the wallet addresses have been changed. The addresses maintained by !amDOGE/5/M are archived here and as of this writing still contain their full, unaltered balances:


WWF: PNWLTA6tANL7waXUBt6rHYVgBwvpmtdu3c



Where can I learn more about Pandacoin (PND)?

Visit the Official Website

What if Pandacoin (PND) is worthless on June 1st, 2016?

This website will have at least brought attention to each of these organizations and ideally engendered a spirit of giving in some of its visitors. The eventual price of PND is up to all of you that hold PND. Giving it value in other ways between now and then will aid in this particular charitable action.

Where can I buy/sell/trade Pandacoin (PND)?

You can buy PND directly here:

It is also listed on the following exchanges: for BTC and LTC markets (Thailand) for BTC and LTC markets

Who can I contact for more information?, or feel free to join us in #pandacoinpnd on IRC.

Who created/maintains this website?

brolong in #pandacoinpnd on IRC.